HeadRead 2017

A small but perfectly formed literary festival

Work date: 2017–2022

Project background

HeadRead is a literary festival in Tallinn, bringing together writers from Estonia and abroad to spread the message of the written word. Antenn has had the opportunity to work on their website since 2015 when we first redesigned it from scratch, resulting a provocative and modern website.

Take two

In Spring 2017 the time had come for another big update. We redesigned and refactored the site with the state-of-the-art WordPress front-end framework Roots/Sage. The aim was simplicity, practicality and catering for the mobile user. We also enhanced the content management side by creating more post types and taxonomies to create a good information architecture for storing all venues, performers and events.

The updates resulted in an even better experience for the regular festival visitor.

Since 2017 we’ve kept refining the website on an annual basis.

Picture of Margaret Atwood at HeadRead: Dmitri Kotjuh,

The website