AGR Car Centre

Dedicated car dealership’s web brought back to present
Work date:

Tailored Solution for Car Dealership

The client approached us with a wish “Our website is from the beginning of the century, will you help us bring it to the present?” and that inspired us. When we met these people, we saw professionals dedicated to their jobs and the cars they sell, a neat showroom and top notch work culture. We wanted to give our best to carry over this experience and feel to their website.

We crafted a site that meet’s the client’s needs. It for example allows to enter all the information about the new cars they sell so that the visitor will see the technical data and prices on the page itself, without having to download any PDF-files. The website of AGR Car Centre was to our knowledge the only smartphone and tablet-friendly Estonian car dealer site when we launched it, which gave it a competitive advantage both in terms of user friendliness and visibility on Google.

The site was wireframed by Antenn, the final visual design was done by Variant and the development was done and still continues in our hands.