Client: Genius Media


The goal: bring 100 000 new people to read on car topics

Work date:

A revolution in Estonian car press

Autogeenius (translates to “Car genius” Estonian) set out to do the same with car and traffic related topics that Digigeenius ( did with technology: the goal was to bring 100 000 people reading car and traffic topics and Autogeenius’ most famous co-author is… Jeremy Clarkson!

By 2023 the goal has been reached and surpassed – the portal now has over 200 000 readers.

Our Role

Autogeenius was the first of many derivates of the fully custom modular news portal template that we created for

The design for Genius Media sites is born in-house, but we are the full-stack partners on the development of their portals on WordPress.

The site


Estonia’s best technology news site, reborn on WordPress

Work date:

New engine for a leading technology portal

Geenius chose Antenn as their longtime web development partner and our first feat was rebuilding the whole site to be based on WordPress. That means that despite the fact that the looks didn’t change much, the engine beneath the site is all-new. Actually the front-end code that makes the site look the way it looks, is new too. Being an update to a site with massive volumes of content, a large part of the job was migrating all posts and media from Drupal. That was something new to us. And we did it!

Exciting developments in Geenius continue and we help these become reality in the web.