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Estonian Human Rights Centre

Let’s work together for an Estonia that respects each person’s human rights.

Work date: December 2016 until now

“Please merge our 7 websites into one”

Estonian Human Rights Centre is an independent non-governmental human rights organisation.

Estonian Human Rights Centre has conducted many successful projects over the course of their existence and by 2016 they had reached to a point where they had a large number of different websites plus their own website which was long past it’s best. The initial assignment for us was to make a plan on how to reduce sparseness and get all visitors to just one page instead of all the separate ones.

We redesigned and coded their main site from scratch, creating a simple navigation navigation and topic area template where each area of their operations could shine, showing related news articles, projects, people and materials.

In the 7 years since our first project together, we’ve continuously kept the website fresh, iterating on the visual look, adding and improving templates and functionality, all in the name of better user experience.

Home page

Topic template

Donation page

Donation page evolution 2016–2023

Human Rights Report

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Website for a Grammy Award winning vocal ensemble from Estonia

Work date:

One of the most widely recognized music collectives from Estonia


The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir updated their visual identity, refreshing their logo with some modern touch & colour and introducing a light nordic visual language. In coordinance with the new style, we designed and developed a new website for them from scratch.

Note: Since we first authored the website, the design has been altered and thus there’s no link to the website.

Image of choir: Kaupo Kikkas

Visual Identity update for EPCC: Positive Projects


The goal: bring 100 000 new people to read on car topics

Work date:

A revolution in Estonian car press

Autogeenius (translates to “Car genius” Estonian) set out to do the same with car and traffic related topics that Digigeenius ( did with technology: the goal was to bring 100 000 people reading car and traffic topics and Autogeenius’ most famous co-author is… Jeremy Clarkson!

By 2023 the goal has been reached and surpassed – the portal now has over 200 000 readers.

Our Role

Autogeenius was the first of many derivates of the fully custom modular news portal template that we created for

The design for Genius Media sites is born in-house, but we are the full-stack partners on the development of their portals on WordPress.

The site

HeadRead 2017

A small but perfectly formed literary festival

Work date: 2017–2022

Project background

HeadRead is a literary festival in Tallinn, bringing together writers from Estonia and abroad to spread the message of the written word. Antenn has had the opportunity to work on their website since 2015 when we first redesigned it from scratch, resulting a provocative and modern website.

Take two

In Spring 2017 the time had come for another big update. We redesigned and refactored the site with the state-of-the-art WordPress front-end framework Roots/Sage. The aim was simplicity, practicality and catering for the mobile user. We also enhanced the content management side by creating more post types and taxonomies to create a good information architecture for storing all venues, performers and events.

The updates resulted in an even better experience for the regular festival visitor.

Since 2017 we’ve kept refining the website on an annual basis.

Picture of Margaret Atwood at HeadRead: Dmitri Kotjuh,

The website


Estonia’s best technology news site, reborn on WordPress

Work date:

New engine for a leading technology portal

Geenius chose Antenn as their longtime web development partner and our first feat was rebuilding the whole site to be based on WordPress. That means that despite the fact that the looks didn’t change much, the engine beneath the site is all-new. Actually the front-end code that makes the site look the way it looks, is new too. Being an update to a site with massive volumes of content, a large part of the job was migrating all posts and media from Drupal. That was something new to us. And we did it!

Exciting developments in Geenius continue and we help these become reality in the web.


Website and colourful identity development for a luminaire manufacturer

Work date:

The Future of Industrial Lighting

We were lucky enough to be at the birth of Leden, which is a spin-off of a large industrial company. At the startline Leden was a nameless group of specialist and enthusiasts with a bunch of products, of which some wasn’t even gotten off the paper yet. During the process, design agency Fraktal developed the name and logo of Leden and provided some usage exampless. We developed this work further, defining colors and defining some new ways to use the logo. Then we designed and developed the website, during which the design of the brand took its current colorful and startup-like, but at the same time quality feel.

Focus on the Essential

Designing the website of Leden, we took the client’s purposes and needs of the website visitor as a basis and set the focus to their wonderful products. We are proud of the menu solution, which opens a handy modal-like mega-menu, when clicked on Products, and has the Greedy or Priority+ principle built in – the menu always displays the maximum number of items possible, only hiding menu items behind the “burger” icon on smaller screens.

Leden’s website is technically based on the very common WordPress CMS, on top of which sits one of the most advanced development frameworks Roots/Sage, which itself speaks for the technical excellence of the system. We have integrated Pipedrive sales software to the lead-generating Payback Calculator as well.

Photograpy: Positive Projects
Logo and initial brand guidelines: Fraktal

leden_13_esileht_1  leden_13_miks   leden_13_tooteperekond

Client Speaks

Antenn is a pleasure to work with. They have been a tremendous help with two of our biggest projects in the last couple of years. They also know and are ready to suggest all the right people / connections in areas out of their expertise if needed. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Jane Karpin, Assistant to the Chairman of the Council, Favor Ltd


Helping digital identities make the world a better place

Work date:

Digital Identity Solutions

RaulWalter is a digital identity company which has collected years worth of experience in the Estonian ID-card project and has became a main contractor and partner to governments and enterprises in terms of electronic authentication and signing methods.

Antenn designed and developed the website for RaulWalter. We went live in the beginning of 2015 and have continued working on the site ever since. The latest iteration has adapted the flat minimalist design language developed under our guidance for the company.

The website




Plastic card designs

One of the more unique challenges have been designing plastic cards for RaulWalter’s demo purposes. Here are some sets:


eID Demo Portal

One of our technically most complex works, we designed and developed an enviroment for demonstrating the capabilities of electronic identities as it works in Estonia.



Brochures and Presentations

We have produced several brochures and presentation materials for the company. Some examples here:




AGR Car Centre

Dedicated car dealership’s web brought back to present

Work date:

Tailored Solution for Car Dealership

The client approached us with a wish “Our website is from the beginning of the century, will you help us bring it to the present?” and that inspired us. When we met these people, we saw professionals dedicated to their jobs and the cars they sell, a neat showroom and top notch work culture. We wanted to give our best to carry over this experience and feel to their website.

We crafted a site that meet’s the client’s needs. It for example allows to enter all the information about the new cars they sell so that the visitor will see the technical data and prices on the page itself, without having to download any PDF-files. The website of AGR Car Centre was to our knowledge the only smartphone and tablet-friendly Estonian car dealer site when we launched it, which gave it a competitive advantage both in terms of user friendliness and visibility on Google.

The site was wireframed by Antenn, the final visual design was done by Variant and the development was done and still continues in our hands.


Tartu University Chamber Choir

Uniquely laid out website for a university choir

Work date:

The stately client wanted something modern

The Chamber Choir of the University of Tartu is a choir with a history spanning back almost half a century. They are a dignified university choir, an active speaker in the Estonian choral community and a leader of the choir culture in Estonia.

In cooperation with Antenn, the choir’s web image was renewed. For starters, in September 2014 we created a modern campaign site for gathering donations for their competition trip to Ireland. The main website followed in April 2015. Taking in this project, we didn’t have a clue about what should a singing group’s website look like, but during the project it came to us. This cristallisation can be seen strongly in the final product. Which came out darn good if you ask us.












Tartu ülikooli kammerkoor soovis konkurssreisiks Iirimaale oma sõprade abi ning lõime selle jaoks platvormi.
Kampaania oli edukas ning järgnenud reis seiklusterohke.



Luhtre Tourist Farm

A warm website for a holiday house made with love

Work date:

There are lots of so-called Tourist Farms in Estonia (places in the countryside that usually offer accommodation, different facilities for seminars and relaxation), but they rarely put any effort in their websites. Luckily Luhtre Tourist Farm decided to do so in cooperation with us.





Lilli Jahilo

These dresses will blow your mind

Work date:

Minimalist website for a top fashion designer

We were proud to inject digital life into an extraordinarily well thought-out design. Lilli Jahilo’s website is a good example of professional web design and modern responsive development, looking good on both large desktop screens and small smartphones.

Design: Hannes Unt